haerle2On behalf of the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH), it is my pleasure to welcome you to our homepage.

The human hand is a very complex part of our body where countless anatomic structures interact together in a tiny area to create one of the world’s most functional instruments. Many scientists believe that this extraordinary development in evolution of our hand function has played at least as an important role as the development of our brain for mankind.

As Hand Surgeons, we must understand not only anatomy and function, but also the many pathologies as well as the different surgical and non-surgical treatments. This broad knowledge as well as the necessary technical skillsmake our profession as Hand Surgeons so exciting.

Hand surgery is a highly specialised field dealing with injury, disease, degeneration, or congenital disorders of the hand, forearm and elbow. The training of a hand surgeon in most FESSH member countries follows basic training in plastic or orthopaedic surgery. Based on these more general surgical experience, the hand surgeon is then developed. This implies the knowledge of bone surgery, joint surgery, tendon surgery, micro surgery, arthroscopy, peripheral nerve surgery and management of soft tissue defects with vascular pedicled flaps. In addition, special knowledge is required in the field of congenital malformations or systemic diseases (eg. rheumatiod arthritis, sclerodermia ) where hand surgery is only one part of a more complex therapy.

FESSH aims to promote hand surgery in Europe by spreading knowledge in all aspects of hand surgery and by supporting educational events. FESSH also aims to improve our professional standing with our European hand surgery examination and through our liaison with the European authorities. Furthermore FESSH aims to help our Member organisations promoting the value of hand surgery.

We hope that the information contained in this homepage may help you enter the busy and constructive world of FESSH.


Max Haerle
General Secretary of FESSH