A survey endorsed by FESSH will be available
– On the FESSH website for a period of 3 months,
– In one edition of the FESSH newsletter including a short description of the survey  goals.

The links will direct the survey participant directly to the authors’ survey web page.
The survey link will not be sent directly to FESSH delegates through FESSH email lists.
The FESSH name or logo will not appear on the survey website. 

FESSH endorsement will depend on the following criteria:

  1. One of the authors is a medical specialist who is member of the national hand society which is a full or associate member of FESSH.
  2. The topic is of interest to the hand surgery community.
  3. The goal of the survey is clear.
  4. The title signifies the specific goal.
  5. The authors have reported that a pilot test orpretest of the survey has confirmed its clarity.
  6. The authors do not offer any monetarycontribution, or any product or service to survey participants.
  7. The author will report:
    – any conflict of interest when submitting the survey for endorsement,
    – any financial support for the survey.
  1. The content of the survey must be free of any commercial influence and advertising.
  2. The authors pledge to fulfilconfidentiality of all participants.
  3. English language editing is adequate.
  4. Visual formatting is adequate.
  5. Size limit – the estimated time to complete the survey will be 15 minutes or less.
  6. The authors assure that they will report the survey findings honestly and objectively, with full reporting of all relevant findings, including any that may seem contradictory or unfavourable.
  7. The report will include sample demographics.
  8. The results will be reported after review of the appointed FESSH representative.