The Research Committee (RC) of FESSH is dedicated exclusively to promoting new ideas to improve the future of hand surgery treatments by supporting research activities through grants, organizing research educational events, and setting up infrastructure for on-going research projects/positions within FESSH.

Ongoing projects include launch of the first research grant, a survey on research possibilities around Europe, involvement in the FESSH conference by talks on research options and informal networking events. Future workshops and webinars on research related topics as well as setup of databases for ongoing research positions and multicentre studies are planned.


  • Prerequisites for members of RC and rules of operation for the RC have been set up.
  • Launch of the first FESSH financed Research Grant. The grant aims to encourage exploratory, translational or developmental research by providing support for the early and conceptual stages of new clinical approaches.  Therefore, this grant is directed towards basic and translational scienceand novel ideas / techniques in hand surgery, rather than studies on clinical series of patients. This first FESSH sponsored grant is a €10,000 award for a one-year project.
  • Launch of a FESSH survey on research. The objective of the survey is to look into what academic possibilities/requirements are available/required in the different countries. Hopefully we will get an idea of how academic work is accredited, promoted and done in the various communities. Also, the survey will look into what the community would like from FESSH – scholarships for Post doctoral studies, research fellowships or rather clinical and pre-clinical grants?
  • Involvement in the Young Hand Surgeons session at FESSH 2018 Congress. Talks on research activities within FESSH, presentation of the results of the survey, how to write a paper and how to get a paper accepted in the Journal of Hand Surgery.
  • An Research Network Get-togetherwhere researchers can pitch ideas to get in touch with colleagues from other countries to collaborate. The first networking event took place at FESSH Copenhagen.
  • Future workshops are planned to increase knowledge on how to set up a research infrastructure/write papers/write grant applications etc. Interactive webinars are future planned activities.
  • Setup of a voluntary database for FESSH research groups offering a position on a running project w/wo salary.


Simon Farnebo, MD PhD, is the Chair of the FESSH Research Committee. He is a specialist trained Senior Consultant of Hand Surgery, and Associate Professor of Hand Surgery at Linköping University Hospital in Sweden. Dr Farnebo is currently also the Scientific Secretary for the Swedish Society for Surgery of the Hand. His main field of interest is wrist surgery and basic science on microcirculation and tissue viability.



Kai Megerle, MD, PhD is a member of the FESSH Research Committee. He is an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the Technical University of Munich, specialized in hand and reconstructive microsurgery. Currently, he is a member of the online media team of the German Society for Surgery of the Hand as well as coordinator of the German FESSH Hand Trauma Centers. His main research interests are carpal biomechanics, wide awake surgery as well as medical data science and machine learning. He is cofounder and hand specialist of an interdisciplinary treatment unit for professional musicians at the University and still hasn’t fully given up the idea of pursuing a career as a rock star.


Shai Luria, MD, member, is head of the Hand and Microsurgery Unit at the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem. Dr. Luria is the Chair of the Israeli Society for Surgery of the Hand. His main fields of interest are wrist surgery, nerve regeneration and the epidemiology of hand trauma.




Florian Früh, MD, member, is a Hand Surgeon working at the Division of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, University Hospital Zürich, Switzerland. He does basic research exploring strategies to enhance the vascularization of skin substitutes. His main field of interest in hand surgery is soft tissue reconstruction and peripheral nerve surgery.




Jason Wong is a member of the FESSH Research committee and Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Manchester. He is a Plastic Surgeon that specialises in Hand and Extremity Reconstructive Microsurgery, He has a particular interest in tissue engineering of the hand, wide-awake surgery and vascularised composite tissue allotransplantation. He is also a member of the BSSH research committee and co-founder of the BAPRAS innovation group.