Effective communication strategies are one of the key tools for success in today’s competitive environment and are a factor that can either lead to onward growth and future success or stagnation.

Many scientific societies are embracing new social media (SM) technology and are aware of their impact on the growth and development of a society. A new communication strategy of FESSH was needed in order to maximize this potential, through social media.

The Public Relations Committee has been created answering these needs with the following goals:

  • To raise public awareness towards Hand Surgery. To explain to the general public, patients and to other healthcare professionals the expertise required to be a Hand Surgeon, and how much training and hard work is hidden behind this.
  • To create a network of European Hand Surgeons, to facilitate communication and to share knowledge.
  • To promote FESSH activities and the activities of the national societies.
  • To create a social critical mass enabling an awareness for national governments as to the importance of adequate resources for quality Hand Surgery.

Our priority at the moment is to maintain a stable and professional Social Media platform whose members are scattered through the old continent and to create a European Database of Hand Surgeons.

Giorgio Pivato
PR Committee chair

Alessandro Pozzi