FESSH may grant its patronage to courses and meetings proposed by its own FESSH Member Societies or by other non-FESSH Societies.

The Organizer must provide a preliminary program in which details are given on the Faculty, topics, fees, number and participants expected six months before the event date.

The request, complete with documentation in attachment, must be sent to FESSH Managing Office at least 6 months prior to the date of the event.

The FESSH may grant the patronage given the following conditions:

  1. events must be of European interest
  2. there must be a representation of FESSH, appointed by the Council.
  3. the topics treated must be among those having reference to Hand Surgery
  4. the applicant must declare that the printing of the final program of the event for which he has requested FESSH patronage will be carried out and distributed only after having received FESSH written agreement.
  5. FESSH is allowed to utilize part of the material recorded during the event, subject to proper copyright, as an update to be published on its website.

FESSH will evaluate the request of patronage received in due time at the next possible Council meeting and communicate the result to the applicant by e-mail.