The European Diploma in Hand Surgery organised by the FESSH exists since 1996. During the years continuous development has been taking place to maintain the quality and level of the exam. In 2009 the examination was placed on a broader European basis with official acceptance by the UEMS. Since then it has officially been the Diploma of the European Board of Hand Surgery (EBHS). For four years, the written part of the EHBS diploma is now available as an online exam. The EHBS diploma, carried out by the FESSH, is an accepted mark of excellence in the field of hand surgery within Europe. In order to enable participants to prepare as best as possible and to allow checking their own state of knowledge, the Examination Committee of FESSH has launched an online self-assessment exam, which is being launched this year for the first time.

The Online Self-Assessment Examination consists of 60 original exam questions. These examination questions also correspond to an original exams in the distribution to the various subject areas. Each of the 60 questions has five answers. Each answer can be is marked with true or false. One point is given for a correct answer and one point is subtracted for an incorrect answer. An unanswered question gives zero points. This should be taken into account when answering the questions and calculating the result.

When using the Online Self-Assessment Examination, you have the possibility to access the comments and / or literature references for the individual answers. Beyond the examination preparation, it can also be a tool to control your own knowledge or to prepare yourself for another, for example, national exam.

I would like to thank all the members of the Examination Committee, who have made the implementation possible through their work and the Asszisztencia in Budapest, which has accompanied the technical implementation.

I wish you much fun and success with the Online Self-Assessment Examination!

Martin Richter
Chairman examination committee FESSH

Steps to use the Self-Assessment

  1. Apply for a password through
  2. Self Assessment Fee is: 120 EUR – Please pay this fee first to FESSH by bank transfer using FESSH bank account details and send a message to about your payment. Please add “Online Self-Assessment” as a reference to your bank transfer.
    Online payment with bank card is not yet available. We are working on this payment option and it will be available soon.
  3. Once your payment receipt is confirmed by the FESSH Management Office you will be granted access to the self assessment exam online.
  4. You can make a real MCQ test used at previous EBHS Diploma Exam with solver, comments and references. The test period starts from 15 September each year and is available till 30 June of the next year. You can take the test any time during this period.