The Hand Trauma Committee (HTC) of the FESSH is dedicated exclusively to Hand Trauma. The goals of the HTC are to collect data from the trauma centres, to analyse the differences and similarities between the different European countries and to define guidelines accepted throughout Europe.

Construction of the European network

In order to build a real European cooperation through this project, it was decided to include two “national representatives” for each FESSH country. To be eligible, these surgeons had to satisfy two prerequisites: to have some spare time and to be young enough to deal effectively with hand trauma. Nomination of these two national representatives was under the responsibility of the boards of each national Hand surgery Society.

Achievements of the committee

To date, the HTC achieved some goals:

1 | Audit results: 21 countries participated through their national representatives. We recorded 309 centres, including 1797 surgeons and 20 363 patients treated during January 2006. The average proportion is one hand trauma centre and 6 surgeons for 1 million people. Hand surgery is a plain speciality only in Finland and Sweden. Of the included 1797 surgeons, only 38% have a hand surgery and 25% a microsurgery certification. This audit demonstrates a lack of clear definitions of trauma hand surgery facilities. The results of this audit are: Dubert T., Battiston B., et al. in the European Journal of Hand Surgery European Volume 2010; 35(4):330-3.

2 | Clear guidelines have been voted to define – what is Hand Trauma -Who is a Hand Trauma Surgeon – What should be a Hand Trauma centre. We are currently mapping the centres through an electronic survey. Guidelines.

3 | Survey on replantation: The hand trauma commitee decided in Athens to conduct some surveys on special topics regarding hand traumas. A questionaire has been sent out to each country and the first result come from the survey on replantation. Results