The Federation of the European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH) represents since 1990 all the hand surgeons of Europe. Since then FESSH pursued its main statutory goal of “promoting the advancement of hand surgery in Europe in all aspects”. Thanks to the intensive work of many dedicated hand surgeons in 2010 the definition of the Hand Surgery Curriculum developed by FESSH was endorsed by the UEMS, the European Board of Hand Surgery was created and FESSH was appointed as the only provider of the examination.

After this first step FESSH was active in the field of teaching, training and congresses and courses were organised in different countries and a programme of patronage was started. Now FESSH is expanding these activities with new projects and events. That should further enhance its central role in propagating hand surgical knowledge in Europe.

During the congress new educational activities have been introduced. The online offer of knowledge is expanding with e-books, streaming of lectures, an online assessment has been launched. Together with the newly formed Young European Hand Surgery Association (YEHS), new courses will be organised to meet the need of our future generation. Database of training and research institutions promote exchange and circulation of trainees.

To better achieve these goals, FESSH would like to intensify the collaboration with its partners, who are interested in the field of hand surgery. We would like to connect our members better with key suppliers and innovators. In the past the industry partners were mainly sponsoring the FESSH congresses on a yearly basis, but our vision would be to work together in a partnership over a longer period of time and with a broader involvement in the training activities of the FESSH.

Hence, we developed the Corporate Partnership Programme with different level of participation and contribution to meet the needs of the different companies. The packages can be further discussed and adapted with your help and advice, always in the interest of the mission to advance hand surgery in Europe.

We look forward to welcoming you as partners of FESSH.

 Maurizio Calcagni & Daniel Herren


For more details please contact Ms Krisztina Szigedi / FESSH Management Office at