It is the purpose of the FESSH to promote Hand Surgery in Europe at all levels, harmonize and improve training across all European countries and reunite all the European hand surgeons. The FESSH congress is one of the ways to achieve that goal. The idea is to organize an annual meeting for surgeons with a special interest in Hand Surgery to increase their knowledge on the field of Hand Surgery but also to enable to network with each other working in the field of Hand Surgery in an open culture.

The following tasks fall under the responsibility of the Congress Committee:

  • Management of the FESSH Congress (organisation, structure and financial part, CME accreditation)
  • Congress Manual
  • Evaluation of bids
  • Educational afternoon of the FESSH Congress
  • Patronage of meetings
  • Member of EACCME


Are you interested in hosting FESSH Congress in the future?

Please check FESSH Congress Guidelines to learn more about organizational rules and bidding process.

Deadline for bidding for the 2023 Congress: 28 February 2019.


Would you like to get Patronage to your meeting?

Please check FESSH Patronage rules to learn more about how to get it.



Meet the committee members


Dr Brigitte van der Heijden is the chair of the Congress Committee and as such responsible for all the tasks of the Committee. Her main task is the organization of annual FESSH Congress in collaboration the local host society and the PCO Asszisztencia. Brigitte is plastic surgeon, specialized in Hand and Wrist Surgery and her field of interest is treatment of arthrosis and trauma. She is the president of the Dutch Society for Surgery of the Hand (2018). She works in the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Dr Miryam Obdeijn is responsible for all issues related to patronage provided by FESSH and the accreditation procedure of the annual FESSH congresses. She is a Plastic Surgeon, specialized in Hand and Wrist Surgery, former President of the Netherlands Society for Surgery of the Hand. Her field of interest within Handsurgery is Spasticity of the Upper Limb, Hand and Wrist injuries in top athletes (especially gymnast wrist) and wrist arthroscopy. Furthermore she is interested in the development of new teaching materials like E-learning and simulators.She works in the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Dr Philippe Bellemere is responsible for corporate partners and sponsors of FESSH. He was educated and trained in Paris, he has been working for more than 25 years in Nantes at the Institut de la Main Nantes-Atlantique in a team of 8 senior hand surgeons. This private unit is a referent hand surgery and hand trauma center. It has an academic agreement for education and training residents and fellows.He is the Past President of the French Society for Surgery of the Hand (SFCM/GEM – 2018) and he was the President of the FESUM (Federation of the Hand Trauma Centers in France). He used to be a member of the Hand Trauma Committee of the FESSH and chaired the Prevention Committee.

His special interests in hand surgery are arthroplasties in hand and wrist, arthroscopy and sequela of hand trauma.