Title of the best project in 2018: Optimisation Of An Ex-Vivo Limb Perfusion Protocol For Composite Tissue Transplantation

Winner: dr Kavit R Amin, Clinical Fellow in Plastic Surgery (MBBS, BSc (Hons)) and team led by James E Fildes from University of Manchester (UK)

The FESSH research Committee is happy that 15 strong applications from 9 countries competed for the first (2018-19) FESSH Research Grant Award. The winning project on “Optimisation Of An Ex-Vivo Limb Perfusion Protocol For Composite Tissue Transplantation” was from Dr Kavit R Amin from University of Manchester in UK.  The RC motivation for choosing Dr Amin was:

“Dr Amin’s project on optimisation of an ex-vivo limb perfusion protocol for composite tissue transplantation clearly exemplifies what we look for in the winner of the FESSH Research Grant. It is a clear cut translational research project, where an elegant animal model and pre clinical approach is used to solve an obvious clinical problem. The topic of limb allo-transplantation and improvement of graft preservation is very interesting and of obvious clinical relevance. Furthermore, Dr Amin’s strong CV, where he has proven to be a driven young clinician, with a sincere interest in science as Research fellow at the University of Manchester, makes him a good candidate for this grant.”

The results from Dr Amins research will be presented at FESSH 2020.

The acceptance letter has been signed by the winner. Here you can read the Acceptance Letter.