My first wish as Secretary General is to greet you all with respect and gratitude for your trust.

In the last years FESSH underwent a profound reorganization and better definition of its task and goals. Under the energetic and enthusiastic work of the past secretaries and council members FESSH evolved in to a modern and dynamic organization able to fulfil its founding ideals: promote hand surgery in Europe at all levels, harmonize and improve training across all European countries and reunite all the European hand surgeons.

FESSH actions are oriented in many different directions. On the political side, we are well represented by the European Board of Hand Surgery (EBHS) and we have a very fruitful collaboration with EFORT, ESPRAS and EWAS. On the certification side, the examination is a well-established and recognized reality, the only international exam open to members and non-members. The training and teaching part is also getting bigger with a growing number of fellowships and accredited events. The annual congress is now organised by the FESSH Managing Office in collaboration with the organising national society granting the best possible scientific quality and organisation.

There is one point that is extremely important for me that I would like to emphasise.

Even though the legal members of the FESSH are the national hand societies, the true and most important members are you all, the European hand surgeons. We live from your participation and contributions! Come to the annual congress, come to the general assembly, talk to us, put forward new ideas!

In the next months, we will present the future projects and activities that should keep our FESSH progressing in all aspects of hand surgery in Europe and in the world.

Looking forward to work together with all of you for the sake of hand surgery and its advancement.

Maurizio Calcagni
Secretary General (2017-2020)